Walking Into Lindenhurst

Walking Into Lindenhurst


Features tracks and new arrangements from The Unbelievable Truth, Trust, and Simple Men.

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Track Listing

01. Superior Auto Collision (featuring Mark Bailey)
02. Up To No Good
03. All The Boys Play Guitar
04. Anarchist Shortstop
05. Claire
06. Attitude
07. Far Beyond This Parking Lot
08. Lament
09. Blue Guitar
10. Unbelievable Truth Session 1 (featuring Phillip Reed)
11. Unbelievable Truth Session 2 (featuring Phillip Reed)
12. Walking Into Lindenhurst
13. Greensleeves (featuring Mark Bailey)

Music composed by Hal Hartley except “Greensleeves” (traditional) and 
performed by Hal Hartley except tracks 10 and 11, performed by Hal 
Hartley and Phillip Reed (on guitar.) Tracks 01 and 13 are performed 
(live on film!) by Mark Bailey.