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Bill Sage & Tatiana Abracos

Bill Sage & Tatiana Abracos

The Girl From Monday

In the days of the 'Great Revolution' the new corporate-state of NYC has been liberated by Triple M, the Major Multimedia Monopoly, which has brought into being the Dictatorship of the Consumer. Jack Bell (Bill Sage) works for the Ad Agency that swept Triple M into power and was the man who suggested the cornerstone of it's policies the Human Value Reform Act. Citizens are now public offerings on the stock exchange and each time they have sex and remain unattached their value increases. Horrified at the de-humanizing consequences of his suggestions, Jack is now the secret leader of the "Counter Revolution."

The Girl From Monday is one of Hartley's periodic video essays using aggressively designed imagery no less lyrical than his incisive and thoughtful dialogue.

"Witty, thought-provoking and visually impressive"   Time Out

"Witty, daring, different"   NY Post - V.A. Musetto

Bill Sage
Sabrina Lloyd
Leo Fitzpatrick
Tatiana Abracos

Originally Released: 2005
Language: English
Running Time: 84 Minutes

From Hal Hartley & Possible Films