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Martin Donovan & Mary Ward

Martin Donovan & Mary Ward

Surviving Desire

Sophie won't tell anyone she's sleeping with her professor. He's young, handsome, and passionate - perfect for Sophie, who just wants to write about love. When they hook up, he drops everything and her notebook begins to fill with poetry. But while he's head-over-heels, she's about to write two important words: The End. Surviving Desire captures that dizzy feeling of love in one's twenties, an off-beat comic romance classic.

"Sharp and witty... Mr. Hartley taps into a universe ignored by Hollywood." - New York Times

"A sly, stylish sense of fun" - The Playlist

Martin Donovan
Mary Ward
Matt Malloy
Rebecca Nelson

Originally Released: 1991
Language: English
Running Time: 55 Minutes

From Hal Hartley and Possible Films