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Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley

No Such Thing

There is a Monster who lives at the northern-most edge of the world. He is a foul-mouthed and bad tempered bastard with claws. He doesn't remember when he came into existence and he's been driven to insomnia and heavy drinking by humanity's evolution into the information age. His pain increases in direct proportion to humanity's ability to talk incessantly. What will become of him? As far as he can tell, he'll live forever. He wants to die, but can't. He's indestructible. It's not his fault. Before long, he meets Beatrice, a 22-year-old junior assistant Girl-Friday at a sensationalistic TV news program. The world finds it easy to accept a Monster who eats people and is impervious even to nuclear radiation, as long as he stays entertaining. But a person as straightforward, honest, and unselfish as Beatrice is a miracle of an entirely different order.

"Wonderful...tragically beautiful"   Salon - Stephanie Zacharek

"Hilarious and quite moving"   A.V. Club - Mike D'Angelo

Robert John Burke
Sarah Polley
Julie Christie
Helen Mirren

Originally Released: 2001
Language: English and some Icelandic
Running Time: 103 Minutes

From Hal Hartley