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Miho Nikaido

Miho Nikaido


A simple story of love and loss told three times in three different cities: New York, Berlin, and Tokyo. Repeating the same situations and dialogue but with subtle shifts of emphasis, the film evolves from the turbulance of America to the benign calm of Japan. 

The crisis in each story is set off by the indecisiveness of the main character, the flirt, and his or her need for reassurance: should they surrender to a love that will demand patience or check out other possibilities first?

"Hartley is a modern-day Marivaux whose work is one long disputation on love and Flirt neatly encapsulates (his) perennial themes: the need for love and the impossibility of satisfactorily attaining it." - Faber and Faber

"Smart, sexy"   New York Times - Stephen Holden

Bill Sage
Dwight Ewell
Miho Nikaido
Parker Posey
Martin Donovan

Originally Released: 1996
Language: English, German, and Japanese (with English subtitles)
Running Time: 85 Minutes

From Hal Hartley